Loft Conversions

With a little thought it’s easy to create that something special within the dimensions of the original house layout.

A good quality loft conversion is an invaluable addition to any home. It is essential to get the basics right from the start and with good planning of the key features such as staircases and windows it can give this type of conversion that extra dimension in terms of style and design.

Every loft has its particular differences and our aim at Project4 is to use that footprint in creating a room for future generations to enjoy. The majority of lofts are convertible regardless and our full planning and building regulations package is designed to give you peace of mind.

  • To convert your loft to a habitable living space, certain criteria needs to be met to achieve building regulation and planning permission.
  • Planning permission and building regulations are required when alterations to the existing roof line are involved, this can mean either 'dog kennel' dormers, full dormer extension or simply a new roof to accommodate the new living space.
  • Planning permission is not required for side and rear elevation dormer/ dog kennel windows
  • Building Regulations are a sole requirement for a velux roof light conversion.
  • Approved architect plans will be required before work can commence.

Types of dormers



Mansard dormers have a 70 degree angle to the rear elevation as opposed to a 90 degree. They vary in appearance from brick sides to lead or tile finishes these types of dormers are generally preferred by local authorities within town centres on georgian or victorian style houses. They look softer and less top heavy in appearance.

Rear Dormer

Rear dormer

Rear formers are more box like in appearance and therefore maximize space. They can be built of the rear wall encompassing the roof height. Using the full width can sometime make the dormer unattractive and by stepping them in from both sides you can improve the aesthetics considerably. A variety of finishes are used on the externals from hanging, lead or pre-finished render.

Shed Dormer

Shed dormer

Shed dormers are in effect very similar to rear dormers with the exception of a sloping roof which is tiled. These types of dormers are preferable on single storey properties allowing them to blend into its surroundings.

Eye Brow Dormer

Eye brow dormers

Eye brow dormers are very distinctive in appearance, characterized by a low upward curve and no side walls. These dormers are purpose specific but they do capture the imagination in their finish adding great styling to the roof line.

Hipped Dormer

Gable/hipped dormers

Gable and hipped dormers have sloping planes to there roof lines. These dormers are the traditional tudor style dormers which are aesthetically more pleasing to the eye and add great character to any property and look quite stunning when finished to a high standard.

Recessed Dormer

Recessed dormers

These dormers are set back from the roof line and are a great choice for smaller roof lines and classical style properties. They can look elegant and distinctive and are a great addition if your looking for something extra ordinary.

Velux loft conversion

Velux Loft

A Velux loft conversion involves installing Velux windows, or Skylights into the existing roof of your property. There are many advantages with Velux loft conversions, unlike the windows in a Dormer loft conversion or any of the other main types of loft conversions, Velux windows are fitted to the sloping angle of your roof. These Velux windows will allow a much greater amount of light into your completed loft conversion and due to their high level placement will offer the best chance of achieving fantastic views that may be limited with windows fitted in a different type of loft conversion or dormer. As with everything there are so Pros and Cons with a Velux loft conversion which relate directly to the use of Velux windows, these can be seen below:


  • Velux windows allow a large quantity or light into a room making it feel spacious and airy.
  • Velux windows can be fitted with a thermostat, which will automatically open / close the window when the room reaches a pre-selected temperature.
  • Velux windows can be fitted with rain sensors, which will automatically close the window if rain is detected.
  • Velux windows can be controlled via a remote, fantastic for high ceiling and children.

Bespoke Loft Furniture


loft after

Project 4 specialise in bespoke loft conversions in York, Harrogate, Leeds and throughout the Yorkshire area. If you are looking to add value to your home with a loft conversion or home extension, contact Project 4.

Your property deserves to stand out. Project 4 have enhanced many Yorkshire homes with bespoke loft conversions and our handmade furniture is crafted across the region, with workshops in Leeds, York and Harrogate. Our work is carried out to suit your exact needs and taste; providing the vital ingredient to make your house your home.

Express your style and individual ideas by designing bespoke furniture - simply draw your idea and we'll transform it into a valuable addition for your new loft conversion or area of your home.

At Project 4 our experienced craftsmen are based throughout Yorkshire. Our range is extensive and innovative and incorporates any ideas you may have.

House Extensions

house extension and bi-fold doorsnew build homes - project 4 Loft Conversion Specialists

A good extension should blend into the home effortlessly thus adding that extra dimension you require to enhance your life-style. Whatever your requirements, it is essential to plan thoroughly and have a clear vision in mind.

Our aim at Project4 is to create living spaces you can enjoy and want to spend time in.

Getting Started

Once the initial free survey has been carried out and you have received your quotation we will arrange for the architect to survey the property and create a set of plans outlining your requirements; upon your approval of the outlined drawings we can proceed to planning / building control to acquire the relevant approvals so work can commence. We take everything in hand from start to completion in planning and design.


bi-fold doorsbi-fold doors

Sunrooms need to bright and well positioned to maximise their potential; with effective use of velux windows, bi-folding doors, energy efficient glass and under floor heating you can create a warm and pleasurable room that can bring your garden into your home.


Staircase Design by Project 4 Loft Conversion Specialists


Loft Conversion stairs and the building regulations

Loft conversion stairs are an integral part of any conversion project

To ensure adequate fire safety for the dwelling a new stair serving the new room(s) will be needed. Where there is not enough room for a full traditional stair, it may be possible to use a 'space saving' stair.

The Regulations

The regulations regarding loft stairs are not set in stone;


Headroom-the general rule regarding headroom is that there must be a minimum clearance 2.0metres for a staircase but, for loft stair’s, the regulations are a little relaxed and only 1.9metres needs to be achieved. Because of this, there is a slope where the stairs enter the loft then the clearance only needs to be 1.8metres and 2.0metres on the highest side.

Width of staircases

The usual requirement regarding loft stairs is that they should be 800mm wide. But even that is not cast in stone. If your new room has only one habitable room then the building regulations will allow a minimum width of only 600mm.

  • The pitch- must be not steeper than 30 degrees
  • The goings which is the main part of the tread must not be less than 220mm
  • The risers which is the vertical part of the step must not be higher than 220mm

Height of Handrails

Approved document K states that a flight should have a handrail on at least one side if they are less than one metre wide, on both sides if they are wider. Minimum handrail height of 900mm with no openings in any balustrade to be more 100mm sphere.

Types of Staircases

There are three main types of staircases; the traditional and most common type is the straight staircase although depending on the space available they can be split up into quarter or half turn and winding variations.

Compact or 'space saver' staircases are only used in severely restricted areas; they can be very steep and unsuitable for young and old. They can only be used as straight flights and must be fitted with handrails.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy by Project 4 Loft Conversion Specialists


What is renewable energy?

Project 4 are renewable energy specialists and are happy to discuss any ideas or requirements you may have in line with your building project, please call now for a no obligation quote.

Renewable energy effectively uses natural resources such as the sun, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat, which are naturally replenished.

Why choose solar power?

As sunlight is constant solar power is renewable-and the technology used for solar hot water heating is simple, effective and the most tried and tested, which makes it easy to adopt.

solar panel collectors

VELUX Solar hot water system

The Velux solar hot water system is designed to integrate easily within the heating system of your home; their solar tank is compatible with most types of auxiliary heating systems. The Velux solar collectors are sleek in design and high in efficiency; they supply up to 70% of your hot water requirements and are affordable!

How does solar thermal work?

The key components in solar thermal is the collector that is heated by the sun rays. There are two main components in the solar system. First you need to absorb the sun's energy, this is done in a solar collector on the roof. Secondly you need to store the energy and this occurs when transferring it into stored hot water for use later.

What if there is no sun or it is cloudy?

Solar collectors use irradiation off the sun so even on a cloudy day the can absorb significant energy. When the sun shines a greater amount of energy can be absorbed.

Do I still need a boiler?

Yes. You will require a backup heat source such as an emersion heater as the solar system only provides hot water

Ground Source Heat Pumps

A ground source heat pump is an electrically powered system that uses natural energy to heat your home.

Ground source can provide low cost comfortable heating that uses sustainable energy, causing no direct emissions or other damage to the environment.

Ground Source Heat Pumps are suitable for a variety of different properties and are designed to be the sole source of heating and hot water.

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